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Hall of Fame Tournament Winners

Drake's Taxidermy & Guide Service
Drake Williams
Hayward, WI 54843

Musky Hunt 2001 Tournament on the
Chippewa Flowage

This is the third year that the Musky Hunt 2001 Tournament was held on the Chippewa Flowage. The event was sponsored by the Chippewa Flowage Association with L.C.O. Casino and Convention Center as Co-Sponsors. My partner, John Motorni and I started on September 6th at approximately 6:00 a.m. with surface lures and all the hopes along with 200 other fisherman, looking to catch the winning fish.

Surface lures to diving baits as the sun came out clear and warm. Our 10:00 a.m. spot went with no follows which surprised me. Running Suicks slow and fast with no results. Towards mid afternoon my partner and I decided to work more on my Willtail Baits. I used my 1/2 oz., two treble hook, nickel or black blade and my partner John went with my 3/8 oz., all black single treble hook Willtail.

John got a fat 36" Northern which was a nice fish but I told him, it's a Musky Tournament. We laughed and kept on casting.

The next day, Sept. 7th before 10:00 a.m. a very good friend stopped by to let me know that he caught and released a 44" Musky on my 1/2 oz. Willtail. I was very happy for him as well as my bait working the way I new it should. His biggest fish ever. And when I saw his video I realized why I didn't see that fish on Friday. Musky was there at 9:00 a.m., you just never know. That's part of the hunt for Musky.

Our tactics now is how I normally fish in shallow grass humps and shore lines. We had two follows but no hits. We finished at 8:00 p.m. with a rain front coming in and staying into the next morning. Only three fish caught, going into the last day.

September 8th, 6:00 a.m. before hitting the water, I was tying us something different, yet still my biggest Willtail. Leaving in the rain without any electrical flash or noise in the sky we started off with surface baits. While casting I realized my old boots were leaking. We decided to have early breakfast and my wife drove down with my new boots. A good breakfast with dry feet and rain easing up, it was time to put a Musky in the boat.

We got on my spot and worked the shallow bay getting to the 9 foot hole, were I felt the Musky would be. On the way John caught a fat 16" Large Mouth Bass on my Willtail. We got pictures. I said, nice job but we are still in a Musky Tournament. I then realized I was coming up to were I felt the Musky was. The old saying, it must take 2000 cast to get a Musky is not really true. The right place, right time, right bait, right in their face. Running my Willtail across the shallow grass and letting it drop off into the deep hole and backup fast, I brought up the 42" Musky. Hit my bait over half way to the boat I set the hook and my partner John netted the Musky. With all the excitement we called over to one of the boats, who were also in the Tournament. They witnessed the netting and the length. My partner said, not only did you get the Musky on your Willtail, I also had my Tyger Leader on. I have been using Tyger Leader since I met Mike and Robert Sherman of Tyger Leader two years ago. I told Mike Sherman that his product will work for myself and my customers. Proof is in the picture. My witness's were two Eau Claire cops, I gave each one of my Wiltails. Told them the spot to work. They said what about John your partner. I wanted him to get a bigger one. We heard a 44" was caught plus six other muskies. After handing in my slip we headed out after a bigger one and in minutes. John had a good size fish up twice but not quite there. At the banquet I found out the 44" Musky was not in our tournament.

First place is sweet but surrounding yourself with the right quality of products, definitely helps the edge on catching fish. As a professional Guide I cannot say it enough 5 pound Tyger Leader is working great for Walleyes that might cut you off on 8 pound mono med rod action. 15 pound Tyger Leader for Fly Fishing tippet. 50 pound Tyger Leader which I use for my Musky, Northern Leaders.

It's a great product, I use it because I believe in it.

Until the Next Cast!

Drake Williams

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