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Tales from users of Tyger Leader

Greetings TyGer,

I am back in Michigan and am saddened that it ended all to soon. Our weather was a mix of warm windy days, cold windy days and then there were the days we did get out to fish. The action was hit or miss as the Gulf of Mexico was in turmoil and never gave us the same look over the 16 days I was there.

TyGer leader material was impressive. I liked the way I was able to tie it without the use of tools, crimps and other fastening materials. I didn't need to learn any special twists or knots to use it either. For ease of use, I give TyGer an A+.

On one of the days, offshore was very lumpy for the size boat we were using, so we stayed close to the shore and worked Flounder and Redfish. Every Red that I was able to catch was within the "Got to go back" size range, but I can say with pride, we caught some good size fish. The Flounder was caught in the East Pass and surrounding area on light line. My freshwater Bass gear with 8# test line tied to leadhead gigs with twister tail grubs did the trick.

On the two fdays that were clam enough to venture off shore, we traveled about 20 miles out or so and brought out the heavy gear. 30 pound test and thicker line with 70 and 80 pound mono leaders were what the other guys were using. Ok here is what you have been waiting for. Out of the 4 guys fishing in this boat 3 of the four had to retie their rigs due to break-offs. One very smart angler (me) was using his sample of Tyger Leader material and completed a total of 5 hours fishing without losing one single rig.

3 of my friends used mono for fishing the reef and all had been cut off either by the fish or the structure we were fishing. The TyGer leader material, tied to the same test main line as the others were using, never failed. Although there was no breakage in the TyGer material, I did notice wear or abrasions on it. I would clip off the worn area and retie and back fishing I would go.

On our ride back to the dock, the conversation turned to your leader material. Everyone was impressed with the fact I didn't lose a rig. I can only assume that the next trip these guys make will include a pack of TyGer material.

I caught some snapper, which is closed season now, so they were released. A few small triggerfish took my bait along with some grouper. All in all I enjoyed getting out, but the trip could have been a bit nicer with a little better weather. I'm already planning my next trip in May of next year and you can be assured it will include TyGer leader material.


Recipient of the Ken Schultz Award of Excellence

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