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Tales from users of Tyger Leader

Capt. Scott Hopp:

Tyger Leader TalesOf all the new products I have used this past year, the most important addition to my arsenal has been Tyger Leader. When you use "bait" that tops out at 25 lbs. to catch fish that top out at over 1,200 lbs., you better be able to rely on your equipment. Using 120lb. test Tyger Leader to catch these dinosaurs of the deep, enables my clients to experience a once in a lifetime event. Fishing wrecks, there are huge amounts of debris to shred most leaders. Tyger Leader holds up when others fail.

Our field research with Tyger leader: Not only have we had great results during our Kingfish season there has been a few other nice surprises. Being able to tie Tyger Leader has made the process of re-rigging after a landed fish much quicker. We have not noticed any negative results after hook-up and we are able to use the rig for longer periods. Wire leader tends to be destroyed after 1 fish landed . Tyger lasted longer. An interesting situation unfolded during this years Kingfish season, something pretty extraordinary. There were a huge number of Tournaments on the West Coast of Florida that seemed to focus on a few select areas. We had the good fortune of stepping out of the "box" and experience the ultimate in size and strength this fishery has to offer. Goliath Grouper were attracted by the hundreds to this wreck that was so popular during the tournaments . Tyger Leader TalesAll the boats that fished around the area pummeled the water with every kind of chum imaginable. We are talking up to 100 boats at a time every weekend 6 weeks straight. Along with Grouper came some of the most acrobatic sharks I've ever seen. Most Kingfish that were hooked were eaten before they were boated. Therein lies the "opportunity". Using 120lb. test Tyger leader with a double hook rig we would take either a Kingfish or Bonito up to 20 lbs. for bait. Slowly dropping the bait to the bottom you could see the "Goliaths" come up from the bottom to retrieve their "snack". Now when a fish that weighs roughly 400lbs. eats there is no doubt whatsoever the game has begun. One large "Sledgehammer " type yank on the rod a few "nerve racking "seconds to let him enjoy his meal and then the moment of truth is upon you. Reeling all the stretch out of the line and falling back to bury the hook was met by something likened to a "Semi in low gear . Holding on to the rod and staying in the boat become a survival type experience. When these "Dinosaurs" of the deep want to move they can re-position your boat and skeletal system. After a 45 minute battle there is inevitably the gasps and awe that a fish of this size deserves. Repeating this process over 3 separate trips 10 Goliath Grouper were photographed and released. Most were 150 to 200 pounds but 2 may have topped 400lbs. Tyger leader never gave way to these fish I am truly impressed with the performance and won't be without it.

Capt. Scott Hopp
620WDAE Sports Animal Fishing Show

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