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Tom B:

Good Afternoon Robert, It was a pleasure meeting you on the fishing trip. I will be trying out the leader material that you gave me on a trout/redfish fishing trip at Rockport in about 3 weeks. I took a look at your website. I am almost convinced to buy that "TyGer" rod that you were using on the boat. I may order and try to get it before my trip to the Gulf.

Tom B.
"TyGer Rod" action!

Robert using TyGer Rod while fishing in Hawaii with Capt. Geoff and Capt Mark of Start Me Up Chart.

Click on an image below to see a larger picture.

Captain Jim Weber:

Can't tell you how impressed I am with your leader material. It's really great stuff, easy to work with and extremely durable. A gentleman that I fished with last week caught a 17lb Barracuda using your nickel finish 30lb leader. He came here all the way from South Korea. He is an avid fly fisherman and is hooked up with the best fly shops in his part of the world. I gave him a small package of TyGer leader to take back with him to show around.

Martin Finkelstein
Captain Jim Weber
[email protected]

Martin Finkelstein:

When fishing for the large northern pike, 40+inches I generally use a 7.5 ft salt water leader 16lb test and tie 18" of TyGer leader using a double surgeon knot and use cinch knot to tie the fly. We use 18" to give the guide some extra working room for these nasty pike.

Martin Finkelstein
"Adventures in Fly Fishing" -- 1649 Emma Rd. Basalt, CO 81621


I caught 4 fish on a harnesses I made up with TyGer Leader line yesterday. I was by myself so this was the only way I could take a picture. I really like how easy it is to make different set ups with this line. Knots held great and the harnesses catch fish! Great stuff!

Nels a.k.a. Skeeter


Greetings TyGer,

I am back in Michigan and am saddened that it ended all to soon. Our weather was a mix of warm windy days, cold windy days and then there were the days we did get out to fish. The action was hit or miss as the Gulf of Mexico was in turmoil and never gave us the same look over the 16 days I was there.

TyGer leader material was impressive. I liked the way I was able to tie it without the use of tools, crimps and other fastening materials. I didn't need to learn any special twists or knots to use it either. For ease of use, I give TyGer an A+. (Read more...)

Recipient of the Ken Schultz Award of Excellence

Brandon White:

It really is some amazing stuff. It is hard for fly anglers like ourselves to find a wire leader that is limp enough to manipulate and tie knots with, your leader is quite impressive!! (Read more...)

Capt. Bob Michals:

To the best of my knowledge, we did not lose a sailfish as a result of the fish mouthing the bait and spitting it out due to the wire's extreme flexibility, and its durability allowed us to use maximum pressure on hooked fish during the fight -- particularly at boat side.

I would not hesitate to recommend your innovative product to anyone and plan on making it a regular component in my own tackle box. (Read more...)

Capt. Doug Schreiber:

"TyGer Leader is the Best". (Read more...)

Dennis Kiegel's First Kingfish:

"Within minutes Dennis's line began to sing and out it went. Now at this time he was using a Tyger leader with only a ten pound test." (Read more...)

"Hi TyGer"

This is from Drake Williams our Hall of Fame Tournament Winner out of Wisconsin... (Read more...)

Gary Roach:

Hi Fisherman: Ya know I fish a lot of toothy critters, and I hate losing fishing tackle, especially crankbaits. As you know big steel leaders sometimes spook fish. TyGer Leader has come up with a life saver for me, (and a lure saver)... they now have a small stainless steel coated leader in 2, 5, 10, 15, and 30 lb weights, that you can tie on as easily as mono. No more lost lures and more fish in the boat! Your gonna love it!!!

Mr. Walleye®, Gary Roach

Capt. Scott Hopp:

Of all the new products I have used this past year, the most important addition to my arsenal has been Tyger Leader. When you use "bait" that tops out at 25 lbs. to catch fish that top out at over 1,200 lbs., you better be able to rely on your equipment. (Read more...)

Captain Woody Gore:

Just wanted to say it's about time someone came up with a wire leader that's user friendly. I appreciate the fact I can use my regular knots with TyGer Leader it saves me loads of time especially when the fish are actively feeding and every moment counts. Clients on my guide trips can't believe how quickly I get them back into the water. (Read more...)

Russell H. Roberts:

I ran across the Tyger leader material at World Wide Sportsman. The five weight tippet knotted on like a dream and I have not lost a fish since. (Read more...)

Fishing with Andy:

When I am in pursuit of trophy toothy Critters such as, Northern Pike, Gerard - Kamloops Rainbow Trout, Mackinaw Lake Trout, and Brown Trout, 15Lb test TyGer Leader is the ONLY choice for me. (Read more...)

Wendy Tochihara:

Unbelievable!!!! A wire leader that is small in diameter, durable, flexible and knottable. Anglers young and old will be able to connect wire leaders to mono without any problems, it's so easy to use. There is no limit to what you can fish for while using TyGer Leader, from flyfishing to fishing for big game TyGer Leader makes the difference!!! What a Great product!!!

Wendy Tochihara
Fish Talk Radio


My fishing partner and I were very pleased with the leaders... instead of having to twist and melt the leader to make a loop it saved so much time and there was no sharp tag end to worry about... I will be recommending TyGer leader to all my friends... (Read more...)

Dale Hachtel:

When I first saw TyGer leader last year I had my doubts, but they convinced me to use tyger leader, I first used it in June 03. While fishing large jerk baits 3 and 4 oz in a weeks time. I ended up with a 46lb, 41 and 39 inch Northern and lots of 20s and 30s... (Read more...)


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